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Audit, accounting and consulting services in Kyiv and throughout Ukraine

Auditing firm AUDIT-OPTIM is a recognized leader in the area of auditing services in Kiev and Ukraine.

Successfully operating since 1994, our company has earned the reputation of a highly professional and extremely reliable partner which can render a full range of quality audit, accounting, consulting and related services of any complexity within any industry.

Among our core advantages is a complete set of necessary permits for the full range of audit, accounting, accounting, and related services as well as our auditors' high qualifications based on many years of experience.


Top 5 benefits valued by our customers

Our qualification and quality of services are validated by years of successful work in full compliance with the world best practices and professional standards. The internal quality control procedures are strict and unconditional.

We are efficient as we always respond as quickly as possible to our customers' requests. The primary objective of our teamwork is goal achievement. The availability of responsible and experienced specialists from the company's staff, their meticulous work and precise cooperation provide for immediate task solving.

Confidentiality is imperative to us. We offer and guarantee to our clients a high level of information protection, adherence to the rules of professional confidentiality is an absolute part of our work.

A fair price. We provide audit, accounting, consulting and other related services in Ukraine at the level of the best world standards, but at a cost acceptable to the domestic market.

Transparency of process and initiative. We appreciate the trust of our partners and grant them full access to the current work progress information; we always meet client's needs, even in the most demanding situations.


AUDIT-OPTIM puts quality ahead of other matters when delivering audit services  

AUDIT-OPTIM operates by following the International Quality Control, Auditing, Review, Other Assurance, and Related Services Pronouncements of the International Federation of Accountants. It means that we take full responsibility for the services provided and guarantee timely fulfillment of the obligations undertaken, accuracy and high quality of services.

Auditing firm AUDIT-OPTIM has also successfully passed the external professional services quality control done by the Audit Chamber of Ukraine, which showed an undeniably high level of quality of services provided by the company.

The practice confirms high qualification of our specialists - we have no complaints either from the state control bodies or our valued customers through many years of work.

Join the circle of our partners; we look forward to productive and mutually beneficial cooperation.

Please contact us by phone +38 044 425-74-99!

АУДИТОРСЬКОЮ ФІРМОЮ "АУДИТ-ОПТІМ" впроваджено систему контролю якості відповідно до вимог Міжнародного стандарту контролю якості №1, що гарантує відповідальне ставлення, професійне та якісне виконання будь-якого завдання.



  • Ідентифікаційний код:  21613474
  • Сертифікат аудитора: А №001147 від 28.04.1994 р.
  • Юр. адреса: вул. Пирогівський шлях, 34, корп. 4
  • Директор: Трушкевич Тетяна Миколаївна
  • Режим роботи:  9-18 год. без перерви